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The boys were fantastic. We had an emergency on a Saturday with a leak under our kitchen sink. There were quick to arrive, getting to us 20 minutes after we called, identified the issue and our leak was fixed in no time. Very professional and a very happy customer. Thank you so much!




Highly recommend this company. Friendly, professional and extremely responsive. Adjusted their schedule to help me out and sent plumber within the hour. The attending plumber was fantastic too and solved a very difficult water leak issue promptly and efficiently. Plus the cost was very reasonable indeed.



The Boys recently installed and connected plumbing to our new fridge and clothes dryer and relocated an outdoor tap at our home in Brisbane.

They responded quickly to our call for help and arrived on time. He was polite and easy to communicate with. He explained the services, products being used and also gave us some great plumbing advice to avoid water damage problems in future.



Strata Plumbing Services Brisbane

No matter the size of your plumbing emergency, we can fix it. Our 24-hour emergency service covers all problems – from water leaks to a blocked sewer and burst pipes, to minimizing headaches for owners who need our prompt arrival. We have genuine trucks fully equipped with tools that will handle every job – from our operating hours in Brisbane!

We guarantee the emergency service. We have a team of dedicated after-hours experts that will answer your call and diagnose and identify the problem with you ASAP. Our plumbers are considerate to if it is something temporary or urgent, then they’ll attend to it during normal working hours or quickly in case of an emergency.

Our plumbing technician will attend the site within an hour to access the problem, provide a solution and carry out additional work if approved. A report will be sent to your strata ‘s manager so that he or she can instruct you on how to proceed in order for any required repairs.

Strata Plumbing

We Will Fix All Your Problems

Commercial establishments are highly regulated and very strict about the type of plumbing work that is allowed to be performed. If your commercial plumbing system does not meet strict code requirements, then it could result in fines, staff disciplinary actions, or worse. To ensure that your commercial plumbing system is inspected and maintained regularly, you should consider installing a commercial plumbing monitoring system.

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You’re walking around your house, minding your own business when you hear a leak. You start investigating and realize that there is a hole in the kitchen floor that is leaking water. There are many things that you can do to repair this issue. The first and easiest step you can take is to call a pro out to replace the tile. If that is not an option, you can patch the hole with a waterproof membrane. If you don’t have any holes in the tiles, you can get a rubber sealant that you can put on top of the hole to seal it off. This is much more reliable than trying to patch the tile with cement since it doesn’t expand and contract.
The last thing that you want is for water to be leaking out of your shower. This is simply unsafe and you can have serious issues with mold and mildew. With a little bit of work, you can have this fixed quickly and easily. Remove the showerhead, clean out the pipe, and apply some anti-block compound down the pipe to prevent future issues. If the pipe is old and rusted, you will have to have it replaced. If there is no rust or blockage, you can simply replace the showerhead to prevent future issues. It’s best to only do this if you know how to do it correctly. Do not just replace the showerhead and assume that the water will stop leaking now.
When you have a leaking pipe under your garage, you may notice that it is dripping into the garage. In most cases, this occurs because there is a hole in the pipe that is leaking, or the seal has been broken. The best thing to do in these situations is to have a professional come and inspect the damage right away. When there is a leak in the pipe, it can cause water to seep into the walls, ceilings, and floors, as well as into the ceiling of the garage. If there is only a small leak, it may not be too serious. However, if there is a lot of water seeping into the structure of the house, it could be a sign of a larger problem and it will need to be fixed right away.
There are many situations where you might find dampness in the uni. This is a sign that there is a leak in your pipes or that the pipe has been damaged. This is a serious issue and you should not ignore it. In order to fix it, you will need to call a plumber immediately and they will be able to assess the damage and solve the problem as soon as possible. When there is a dampness in the uni, it means that there is water leaking from the pipes. In most cases, this will only happen if there is a leak in the pipe. However, it could also happen if there is a blockage in the pipes.
There are many situations where a pipe may have been damaged and is leaking water. In these situations, it is best to call a plumber right away and they will be able to inspect the damage, and the plumber will be able to tell you if you need to call a professional to repair the pipe. This is a serious issue and will be more noticeable if there is a leak in your home. There could be a lot of damage if there is a burst pipe, which will need to be fixed right away. If there is just a small leak, you should address the issue right away. This is because a small leak can grow into a much larger problem if it isn’t stopped.
When your pipes burst in the middle of a street, in the middle of a park, or on your own property, it can be a very serious situation. This is why it is important to call a plumber as soon as you realize that there is a burst pipe. Your first goal will be to stop the water from flowing. Once that is done, you can address the damage and call a plumber to repair the pipe. This can be a serious issue and if it isn’t addressed right away, it could cause serious damage to your home and surrounding property. The best thing to do in these situations is to let the water drain out. After the water has drained, you can address the situation and call a plumber to fix the pipe.
When there is a blockage in a floor drain, it can cause a lot of damage to the floor below. This can cause flooding, mold growth, and damage to the floor itself. It is important to inspect the floor drain and make sure that it isn’t blocked. If it is, you will want to remove the blockage and unblock the drain. Once the drain is unblocked, you can remove any debris that has fallen into the drain and make sure that the drain doesn’t trap any water. From there, you can call a plumber to have the floor repaired and the drain inspected.
A blocked sewer can be a very serious issue and is best to address immediately. In order to fix this issue, you will need to call a plumber right away. Once the plumber inspects the sewer, they will be able to tell you what type of work needs to be done and if it is a manageable or a more serious repair. In most cases, it will be a more serious repair and the plumber will need to call a backhoe to clear the blockage. This will take a long time and it will require a permit from the city if it is a public sewer.
There are many situations where your guttering may need to be replaced. This is a very serious issue, but it can be fixed very quickly. When your guttering is leaking, it will cause the water to run off onto the ground, sidewalks, and streets. It will also cause damage to your lawn. If your guttering is leaking, make sure that the screws are tightened and that the guttering is not damaged. If everything’s okay, you’ll want to call a plumber.
Tiles in kitchens and bathrooms can be damaged by leaks from the wall, from wall joints, or from the slab. We can repair these issues, and we are also skilled in replacing tiles. We can also tile kitchen and bathroom walls, through the installation of new walls. We can also remove and replace tiles in bedrooms and other rooms, or resurface a floor.
The boundary walls, which separate your unit from the common areas, can deteriorate over time, causing water damage or rot. We can repair or replace these walls, and we are also skilled in removing or replacing the tiles. We can also install new boundary walls so that you have a completely new wall between your unit and the common areas.
Our team of plumbers for strata management can be dispatched to your unit at any hour of the day or night, as well as during the weekend. We can repair or replace pipes, install fixtures such as water heaters, and restore your property while respecting your privacy.

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Brisbane Commercial Plumbing questions

NLK-Plumbing is an experienced company that specializes in plumbing. We can provide clear communication to all parties, whether it be the owner or their strata management, and do so with a professional attitude through our highly trained team. You can trust our experience to be helpful in improving your home’s plumbing by saving you money over time and providing a better job.
Yes, our plumbers cover all aspects of plumbing. From general plumbing repairs to sewer lines and even burst pipes – there is no job too big or small for us! Our plumbers can also schedule any maintenance services you might need. Sometimes we find it best if we do a scheduled maintenance plan which reduces your risk of water damage unnecessarily and ensures the safety on your machinery.
Yes, Network Plumbing is a part of the Strata Community Association NSW. Our team has years of experience in dealing with strata property owners or managing office buildings. You can rely on our plumbing expertise to help you make sure that your unit’s plumbing works properly as it should be and takes care of any maintenance work necessary for proper water distribution throughout your building system
We provide complete and reliable Plumbing services for all the customers we serve. Our team always takes the responsibility of completing any repairs, especially in regards to our client’s needs and requirements. We can service both common property plumbing needs as well as owner-specific requests from a unit perspective
Yes, we understand the complexities of dealing with a large-scale plumbing system and multiple parties. Whether it is a leak that has caused water damage or an emergency sewer line repair… Our plumbers are equipped to handle any type of project. We can successfully communicate in order to build relationships before, during, and after the task is completed. We’re in business for good reason: we’re building strong bonds between ourselves and our clients!
Yes, our plumbers do! We’re here for leaks 24 hours a day. Our local plumber are on call and ready to attend to all plumbing emergencies. They come in with high-quality service and responsible workmanship when you need them the most – they are genuine emergency call outs!
We offer industry best practices and standards. We are accredited members of Strata Community Association, Master Plumbers NSW, Ebix Trades Monitor, Pegasus, BNG Conserve and Vedor Panel. Our plumbing services are insured with proof of insurance included in your quote! We also hold licenses for all our tradesmen to remain compliant with WHS regulations. Why not contact us for more information?
This company provides strata management services and is contracted to work alongside both the owners’ corporation as well as the strata manager. Our 24-hour business means we’re available at any time of day for all plumbing needs, from scheduled jobs or inspections to emergencies on site. Simply call our team – no need to schedule or book a job or inspection with us! We’ll attend your site in person, assess it and communicate with all parties before any works are carried out
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