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Keep Your Airbnb Bathroom Clean and odor-free with These Tips!

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When you first open your home’s door to the public, you might not expect it to smell so bad. But keep an eye out for hidden odors, and you’ll soon discover that a pristine bathroom can often be less inviting than you had anticipated. 

For Airbnb users, and odorous and dirty bathroom is enough to leave a poor rating on your property.

It mirrors hygiene and cleanliness, and it matters for anyone who wants to spend a peaceful rest in someone’s room. 

But don’t fret! We’ve got simple ways to keep your Airbnb bathroom clean and odor-free with these helpful tips! 

Let The Air Move

The air in your bathroom should be moving, not stagnant. The airflow is cut off if the door is closed, and the smell builds up. This is a classic example of “letting the air move” – the door should allow the airflow in and out of the room.

 If the air isn’t moving, the bacteria and other harmful substances in the air can build up and form harmful compounds, leading to an underwhelming atmosphere in your bathroom.

 Keep A Bathroom Cleaning Sheet

Bathroom keepers know that a clean countertop is a sign of a clean mind. There are several ways to keep a countertop clean and free of crumbs and odors. 

Keep a bathroom cleaning sheet on hand to keep yourself on the right track. On the sheet, list down all the essential items to keep clean (or at least clean-looking). That way, you won’t miss the vital things. 

Don’t Forget To Scrub.

Bathroom walls and floors typically carry the brunt of the scent from your Airbnb. It’s best to scrub these areas once a week, but you can also try scrubbing them twice a day if you’re feeling ambitious. 

Why not try an oil-free scrub? They are ideal for removing the stickiness left behind from cleansers, and they are also great for removing the smell from your feet!

Let The Air Flow Through The Shower
The airflow through your shower is crucial to keeping your bathroom clean. Many people don’t realize that the air within the room gets cut off when your shower doors are shut.
You need to open the door a crack so that some of the air from inside the room. It is to achieve better airflow. An open door lets in plenty of air, yet it keeps the smells inside the room.


Apply Baking Soda 

If you thought baking soda is only helpful in the kitchen, it works wonders in eliminating the nasty smells in your bathroom too! Clean your sink, bathtub, and shower drains with baking soda once a week.

 \Pour hot water through the drain before putting a ½ cup of soda to eliminate molds and greases.

Leave the baking soda for 15 minutes and rinse again with hot water to flush away the musty smells and debris. 

If the odor doesn’t get away and you feel like something is stuck inside your sink or bathtub, better contact plumber Brisbane to get it professionally checked.

Final Words

Keep the water temperature consistent. A lower water temperature leads to less airflow and more bacteria and minerals available for bacteria to thrive in (i.e., less clean).

It may feel like a lot of work, but these tips are helpful if you want to keep your Airbnb business longer. If you don’t have time to do these on your own, it’s best to partner with Airbnb cleaners Sydney to do it for you.


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