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The boys were fantastic. We had an emergency on a Saturday with a leak under our kitchen sink. There were quick to arrive, getting to us 20 minutes after we called, identified the issue and our leak was fixed in no time. Very professional and a very happy customer. Thank you so much!




Highly recommend this company. Friendly, professional and extremely responsive. Adjusted their schedule to help me out and sent plumber within the hour. The attending plumber was fantastic too and solved a very difficult water leak issue promptly and efficiently. Plus the cost was very reasonable indeed.



The Boys recently installed and connected plumbing to our new fridge and clothes dryer and relocated an outdoor tap at our home in Brisbane.

They responded quickly to our call for help and arrived on time. He was polite and easy to communicate with. He explained the services, products being used and also gave us some great plumbing advice to avoid water damage problems in future.



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Broken channels that don’t work successfully can prompt water and sewage flooding and in any event, building subsidence, so assuming you realize you have harmed channels moving quickly is significant. NLK Plumbing and Drainage has the most recent innovation and completely prepared professionals to do all your channel fix or substitution needs in Brisbane. We will take care of business as quickly and effectively as conceivable with least interruption.

Our Drain specialists can give a CCTV Drain Survey which will give definite data on what’s going on with your channels and empower them to put the circumstance right at the earliest opportunity.

NLK-Plumbing has prepared, nearby waste specialists in Brisbane holding on to you to put right with any seepage issue you might have. Every one of our specialists work to the best expectations of Health and Safety and are prepared to take on positions, everything being equal, from an obstructed channel, to deplete relining, or a full unearthing and channel substitution. We work 24 hours every day, 365 days per year.

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Fix work is in many cases covered by your structure protection. A few backup plans say you need to utilize their endorsed worker for hire (for their own reasons), notwithstanding, this isn’t correct. Your insurance contract gives monetary remuneration to costs caused by you because of a safeguarded risk. In the event that you are the land owner, lawfully you can demand utilizing an endorsed project worker of your decision, not really the guarantor’s decision. Your back up plans might force a monetary limit on fixes on the off chance that their supported worker for hire could fix your channel for a lower cost. Nonetheless, we work a cost matching project, so the most you will at any point need to pay to utilize us is your approach overabundance and no more.

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Kitchen drains repair is a common issue we see, and it stems from a number of things, the most significant being a cluttered kitchen with an excessive number of appliances. When we install a new machine, we often run out of room to store it all. While every appliance should be stored somewhere, when it comes to a kitchen with a cluttered layout, a busy countertop, and limited space to move around in, this room Restriction can be a significant factor in the longevity of your appliances. Our kitchen drain repair specialists can recommend the best solution for your kitchen while confirming that the appliance is capable of withstanding the stresses of a very wet kitchen. Our kitchen drain repair service will also look at the condition of your kitchen water flow and drainage systems, as well as repair any issues that may be causing flooding.
Toilet drains are another common source of blockage in modern times, and can also be damaged by heavy usage. As we all encounter increased demands on our toilets, particularly in a busy household, the risk of a toilet stoppage grows. Toilets that fail to flush due to a stoppage are often a source of water contamination, so it’s important to investigate the causes and correct them promptly. For the toilet to work efficiently, it is essential that water flows from the tank through the bowl, through the flushing mechanism, and out the toilet flush. If the toilet is clogging up due to a build-up of solids in the tank, with chunks of toilet paper, coffee grounds, or other materials setting up a breeding ground for bacteria, you will likely experience a frequent blockage. The most common causes of toilet clogging are hair and make-up clings, which can be removed with a clip, tweezers, or beauty enhanced toothpaste, followed by other build-up causes such as a diet high in fat and sugar, or not taking care of your teeth.
Shower drains are another common source of clogging, particularly in old or poorly-constructed houses with leaky pipes. If a home is built with no regard for water supply or drainage, then there is a real possibility of flooding. This can be caused by a number of things such as a leaky pipe, foundation issues, or an accumulation of old building materials such as clay, concrete, etc. If the clogging is due to a build-up of solid material in the drain, then a bath, shower, or toilet plunger can easily resolve the issue.
Sink drain clogging is a common problem and can be caused by a number of things, including a diet high in fat and sugar, not taking care of your teeth, or a build-up of old-age medications in your body. The best way to tackle this issue is to first determine what is causing the stoppage. If the stoppage is due to a diet-related cause, then a one-to-one weight-reduction program can help. If the stoppage is due to old-age medications, then you can try to get them out with medication swabs, or by drinking plenty of water, and taking diuretic medication.
If your drains don’t appear to be working and there’s a possibility of a structural problem, our floor drain repair service will check the integrity of the foundation and walls, as well as any drains running beneath them to find the cause of the water flow failure. Consequently, our technicians will be able to identify and correct any underlying issues that may be causing your failed water flow.
If you want a detailed assessment of the plumbing and drain in your home, or business, our plumbing and drain experts are the people to call. They are fully aware of the unique challenges and requirements that each client has, and they will work to please. Our team of specialists includes certified water softeners and humidifiers, drain unclogs, and more. They will be able to identify minor plumbing issues and prompt solutions, as well as recommend any necessary repairs.
Local, trusted, and always on-site Our Brisbane location provides us with the best chance of success while reducing the chances of having to travel long distances. We can also service the outlying areas of the city, such as Eagle Lakes, and Moreton Bay, and surrounding areas. Most importantly, we are aware of the importance of good customer service and will work to provide you with the best experience possible.
Given the significant impact that plumbing and drain issues can have on a person’s health and well-being, it makes sense that getting these issues fixed would be a wise investment. When a drain is not in working order, water flowing through it can back up into your home and cause significant damage. Over time, these backups can lead to structural damage to your house, and even lead to mold growth in your bathroom. The risk of structural damage is increased with a clogged drain, so it’s essential to get these issues resolved as quickly as possible.
While most issues with water and sewage can be resolved without incident, certain problems do require the services of a professional. A few common signs of drain repair are listed below. Swelling of feet or hands from standing water – Water feet don’t appear until there is a significant flow of water. Swelling of the face after heavy rain – Water that collects in your face after heavy rain can get into your blood and be harmful. Dropping stream flow – A slow, steady flow of water is what water drains through the pipes and tanks should be. No flow or low flow toilets – Most toilets don’t need to be Emerson-Schwartz, but a low flow model would benefit your home. No running water – Invest in fixtures that supply water to your houses, such as toilets and sinks.
Our drain maintenance service includes routine drain inspections, such as a squirt in the toilet bowl to troubleshoot any issues with the flapper, water level, or drain line. We also provide emergency repair services, including clogging and overflown pipes, sewer line breakage, and more. During our regular inspections, we will also clean your drains and toilets, as well as test them for leaks. This will ensure that your plumbing system is working properly, and you won’t be experiencing these issues in the future.
Areas of Queensland with the highest incidence of flooding (floodplains) are the Ivanhoe, Redlands, and Capalaba areas. The extent of repairs needed to solve these problems can be a significant drain on the limited budget of the homeowner. Areas of long-standing drainage problems will require a full drain channel replacement. These kinds of problems can occur when a house is built on a floodplain. If a house is built in a valley, the problem will exist only as a drainage issue. The best approach to these problems is usually to design the house to be engineer able to eliminate them. The same rule of thumb applies to other areas of the country with similar flooding conditions. In these cases, the engineer’s main task will be to design the house to eliminate the underlying cause of the flooding. Once this is achieved, he or she can take the next step and design the house to eliminate possible unwanted side effects.
These problems often exist where the residential part of a complex is on a separate impermeable ground level from the drain field. These problems usually arise from a combination of factors such as groundwater infiltration, seepage from areas such as gardens and outbuildings, and surface water runoff from areas such as streets and parking lots. For these problems, partial drain repairs involve working in partnership with the drainage department of the property. The specialist will remove the temporary cover from the drain field, to see what’s going on. From there, he or she will investigate the source of the problem and the best way to fix it. If a partial drain is the cause of the problem, the specialist will recommend the best repair method, and the homeowner will then have to choose between a cheaper partial repair or no repair at all.
These are the most common type of problems encountered by Brisbane homeowners. They tend to occur where a concrete drain is supported by a concrete column. If the column gets a crack or hole in it, or if it gets too weak to support the weight of the water and dirt, the water will find its way through the drain and into the street. One of the most common causes of these problems is the poor material choice. The best drain for a house will be the inside drain. The same rule of thumb applies to the rest of the house. If a concrete drain is supported by a wooden or iron column, or if the column gets a crack or hole in it, then water will be able to pass through it freely. If the column is concrete, and a crack or hole occurs in the concrete, or if the column gets too weak to support the weight of the water, then the water will seep through the column and into the ground. These problems tend to occur mostly in the north-eastern and north-western areas of the city. In these cases, the specialist will have to examine the column thoroughly, and then try to decide where the damage occurred.
Every year, flooding wrecks havoc on the poor, unfortunate, and unsuspecting. Sometimes, these wrecks occur weeks or even months after the flooding, and sometimes, they occur after the flooding has subsided. It is, therefore, very important to do a proper and timely survey of the drain lines in your home and to get them cleaned as soon as possible after the water has receded. These surveys are essential because they determine what, if any, repairs can be done, and how quickly. You should also get a full drain line survey every year, and if necessary, have the repairs done by a professional. If the repairs are too expensive or complicated to do by yourself, then get a professional to do the survey for you, and make the necessary repairs. These kinds of problems can be very expensive to solve, and can also be very tedious and time-consuming. If you need help with any aspect of this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always happy to help out our customers.
Emergency drain repair services are the first response to any plumbing problem. The first step is to visit your home to study the state of the pipes and then make a diagnosis. If an emergency exists, we will come to your location and repair the issue at our convenience. We will come to you, if you request it, and bring tools, spare parts, and instructions with us. Most flood problems are caused by aging, leaky or inaccessible sewers. In these cases, a drain survey is the first step to identifying the cause. Once the cause is identified, we can tackle the repair or replacement of the water supply line or the repair of the septic tank. We can also replace your entire sewer line, or fix your blocked drain to the greatest satisfaction of all.

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Current research recommends drain relining for all residential customers with a commercial kitchen. However, it has been observed that for residential customers with no commercial kitchen, drain relining is not necessary since there is no significant difference in the flow of waste from the kitchen and bathroom plumbing. But for commercial kitchens with relinking, the additional flow of waste from a septic tank to the sink can be significant. Thus, for commercial kitchens with relinking, drain relining can be a significant help. In the latter case, the flow of waste from the kitchen to the septic system can be drastically reduced or even stopped completely.
Although most properties in Australia have a camera to detect blockages in the drains, it is not a substitute for a professional survey. A survey is not a diagnostic test, it only characterizes the condition of the plumbing in a property. A survey is only as valuable as the information collected from the drainage cameras, which is usually limited to the type of material being removed, the volume of water in the pipe, and the direction of water flow. A survey, however, is not a replacement for a professional drainage inspection. A professional drainage inspection is beyond the scope of a survey.
A CCTV drain survey is necessary when buying a home or when a homeowner wants to know why their water is running slow or won’t turn on at all. It is also important when you have children who play in the dirt and want to know why the drains are clogging.
Unblocking a drain is not a simple task, and it requires a large amount of force. A professional plumber can clear a stoppage in less than an hour. Blockages occurring in the rainwater system (wetback-up) can be very difficult to unblock. In fact, a large amount of force is needed to push water through a blockage, so this is often why it takes a professional to unblock a wetback-up.
When a drain is blocked, you will generally notice two things. The first is a strong smell of sewer methane. This is the natural gas in your drains, and it usually comes from septic tanks. It is not a pleasant smell, and it is definitely a sign that a blockage is present. The second thing that you will notice is that the water in the drain does not flow as fast as it normally would. Blocked drains can also be detected with a CCTV drain survey, though the data is less specific. In these cases, the survey will show a large amount of water flow in one direction, and no flow in the other.
No. We only carry out drain inspections and repairs when requested by the owner or homeowner. We do not provide emergency service. But if you have a blocked drain and are unable to fix it yourself, we can send a crew out to repair the pipe for you. We are a 24/7 drain plumbing service in Brisbane, specializing in CCTV drain surveys, drain repair, waste disposal, water Heating, and cooling, water Sewerage, Water Filters, Water Treatment, drain cleaning, drain insertion, drain service, and much more! If you have any questions about a drain or its repairs or would like an estimate for a replacement or repair, give us a call at 040 509 2779 or contact us online. We are always ready to help.
The best way to prevent a drain blockage is to put it right. That is, clear the drain of any obstructions, such as tree roots, leaves, and leaves from the previous season, and ensure that the drain is open and clear of snow, creepers, and other vegetation. If you do not clear the blockage, it can return at any time, and if it does, it can be difficult to remove. If you keep your drain clear, you will have fewer problems in the future.
Blocked drains tend to occur when there is a source of water pressure, such as a septic tank, that is not being properly drained. In these cases, the water in the pipe rises higher than the surface of the ground, and water is able to get to the sewer line. This can cause a delay in the sewer system, and in extreme cases, a blockage. Blocked drains can also occur because of a problem with the equipment or the plumbing. In these cases, the equipment is not properly functioning, and the pipes are connected to it inappropriately. When equipment malfunctions, water can get into the pipes, and then water flow is interrupted.
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