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The boys were fantastic. We had an emergency on a Saturday with a leak under our kitchen sink. There were quick to arrive, getting to us 20 minutes after we called, identified the issue and our leak was fixed in no time. Very professional and a very happy customer. Thank you so much!




Highly recommend this company. Friendly, professional and extremely responsive. Adjusted their schedule to help me out and sent plumber within the hour. The attending plumber was fantastic too and solved a very difficult water leak issue promptly and efficiently. Plus the cost was very reasonable indeed.



The Boys recently installed and connected plumbing to our new fridge and clothes dryer and relocated an outdoor tap at our home in Brisbane.

They responded quickly to our call for help and arrived on time. He was polite and easy to communicate with. He explained the services, products being used and also gave us some great plumbing advice to avoid water damage problems in future.



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We are impeded channel NLK-Plumbing Brisbane experts providing proficient channel, sewer, and stormwater pipe clearing, channel examination, and symptomatic administrations for Brisbane’s private mortgage holders. With nearby information and experience, we can deal with everything from a straightforward installation pipe blockage to the hardest tree root blockages and in the middle between. Nlk-Plumbing, we figure out the significance of settling plumbing issues rapidly and accurately. To that end when you call us, we will have an authorized and safeguarded expert obstructed channel Plumber with experience in unblocking sewer lines, stormwater depletes, and burn through pipes who will show up on time completely furnished with state of the art channel cleaning and analytic innovation.

NLK-Plumbing blocked drain repairs brisbane

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When your home’s plumbing gets clogged, it can be a frustrating problem. There are plenty of different ways you can try to unclog a drain, but not all of them will work. The good news is that you can call one of our drain repair experts to help you fix the problem. If you have a blocked drain, you might not even know it. Our plumbing professionals will go the extra mile to make sure that it’s not just unclogged, but that no other problems have cropped up. The best way to keep your home’s plumbing in good shape is to check it regularly. If you notice that something seems off, give us a call right away. Our drain repair experts can help you take care of the problem before it gets worse.

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NLK Plumbing Brisbane blocked drain repairs services

If you are experiencing a blocked toilet, our specialists in blocked toilet plumbing at Nlk-Plumbing Brisbane will be able to help. Blocked toilets can be a real nuisance, particularly if they’re in a communal bathroom. Blocked toilets are a common plumbing issue, so if you are experiencing this issue, then do not fret, as we are here to help you! Our company has a team of highly trained and qualified specialists in toilet blockages, who will come and help you get rid of this problem quickly. To contact us, call anytime or send us a message. We guarantee that we will come and unblock your toilet, whether the cause of the blockage is a clog or something else. Blocked toilets are one of the most common issues that we fix during our plumbing services due to how frustrating they can be.
Sink blockages are an annoying emergency that can occur at any time of the day or night and can be extremely inconvenient. You rely on your sink for preparing meals and washing, and when it is blocked, you need someone to clear it as soon as possible. We have an expert team of plumbers who will come to your home to unblock your sink. No need for you to struggle with it in the future. If you’ve got any other plumbing problems, just call us anytime!
There are several different reasons why the sewer lines in your home can be blocked. One of the most common issues is when tree roots enter the sewer line. This occurs for a number of reasons, including soil conditions, poor drainage, and improper layout. Rated ignoring simple and basic safety rules. One of them is not to put your hands or fingers into the drain. In order to ensure that the rule is followed, professionals from Nlk-Plumbing use CCTV cameras to inspect the drains to find out if there are any fingers or hands inside. We believe that it is better to find out about the problem before it gets worse and causes more damage to your home
After a long day of cooking and cleaning, the last thing you want to do is drink some gross-tasting water that has been sitting in your pipes for a while. This is why we offer drain cleaning services in Brisbane. Our sewer contractors can use high-pressure water jets to break up clogs in your drains and make them flow freely. When your drains clog, it can make the whole house smell bad and our drain cleaners can detect it and break the clog for you. To schedule a drain cleaning in Brisbane, call us now..
Tree roots can wreak havoc on your plumbing, especially if they are down in your sewer or stormwater drain lines. Just send us a video of the problem and one of our qualified plumbing technicians will come out to examine it for free! A blocked drain can be difficult to unblock, so we offer a no-charge repair. If you need our help, just call our experts to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We also offer regular inspections so that you can prevent this problem from happening in the first place.
A blocked drain can be a real headache. You probably don’t want to mess around with trying to clear the blockage yourself, so you’ve come to the right place. Nlk-Plumbing offers a free drain inspection, which will tell you whether or not you need to call a professional to unblock your drain. Send us a video of your drain and we’ll send one of our qualified plumbers out for free. If the unblocking service turns out to be more complicated than originally thought, then we will not charge you for that.
A plumber is a very important part of your home. They are responsible for everything from installing toilets to fixing leaks in pipes. A plumber is like a mechanic, electrician, and carpenter all rolled into one. Your plumber has access to the knowledge and experience to handle any plumbing problem. They are licensed, bonded, and insured in order to operate.
Our drain block repair technicians are available 24/7. Our technicians are experienced at fixing clogged drains and are trained to provide emergency drain services. If you notice a clogged drain, you should call a plumber immediately. Our drain block repair team can unclog a pipe in under 90 minutes, depending on the severity of the problem. We can take care of minor problems like clogs as well as major ones. We’ll assess the situation and determine how best to approach the repair. We provide emergency drain repair services throughout Brisbane including South Brisbane, Fortitude Valley, New Farm, Upper Mt Gravatt, Mitchelton, Hope Island and West End.
Give us a call and we’ll provide you with a free estimate on your blocked drain repair services in no time. We’ll provide you with an accurate estimate. We’ll provide it right over the phone, so there’s no need to make an appointment. We understand that you have a lot of things going on in life, so this will make your life a lot easier.
All of our fully qualified drain block repair technicians are licensed and insured. We only hire the best people to work for us. Our technicians are experienced and well-trained. This means that they’ll know how to unclog your drain fast. We are insured and bonded for your drain block repair services. This means that we’re covered by the government for any damage that we cause. It also means that we won’t try to upsell you on services that you don’t need.
Sometimes the best way to solve a clogged drain problem is with a new fixture. If you’re having problems with a drain that you’ve replaced before, it might be time to get a new fixture. There are often less expensive options for replacing fixtures and piping than there are for replacing walls and floors. If you have a blocked drain from a broken fixture or pipe, it’s best to call a drain repair expert. Replacing a drain can be dangerous, and it’s best to let a drain repair expert take care of it.
If your sink or toilet is clogged because of roots or grease particles, it’s best to have a drain snake cleared out. We carry drain snakes in all different sizes, and they can be rented if you don’t have one that fits your drain. A drain snake is a thin, flexible tube that you can use to clear a clog in a drain. It doesn’t do much damage to the pipes, but it can get the job done quickly. If your drain is clogged with roots or a buildup of grease, a drain snake is probably your best option.

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People sometimes block their drains by accident, but more often they do so on purpose. Plumbers will often block your drains to prevent a backup in a plumbing emergency. Other people might block their drains so that they can plug up a drain in their garden. Both of these situations can result in clogged drains. There are a number of different causes for a drain to get blocked. One of the most common causes of blocked drains is grease build-up. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you’ll need to clean your drains once every week. If you notice that your drains are regularly blocked, you should try cleaning them out as soon as you notice the problem.
A strainer is a mesh, metal mesh, or mesh screen that you use to help keep debris from going down your drains. You can buy a strainer directly from a plumbing supply store. If you have one that’s white and has some kind of rust on it, you can use it. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy a new one. Strainers are available in different sizes and will fit different drain sizes. You’ll have to put the strainer into the drain and then pull it out once the water has drained through it. You’ll need to use a lot of muscle to pull a strainer down and out of a drain. This can damage the drain and should only be done by a trained professional.
Boiling water is a great way to clear out the gunk that can get stuck in your pipes and cause them to get clogged. You should never put anything down a drain that has been put into a pot of boiling water, though. This can burn or damage your plumbing and should be handled only by professionals. If you notice that your drains are regularly clogged, you should try boiling some water in a kettle. Pour the water into a strainer and then put the strainer into the drain. Make sure that the drain is completely full. Turn the faucet on full and leave the kettle on the stove as you go about your day. Once the kettle has boiled, remove the strainer from the drain. The water should drain through the drain quickly.
A jet spray is a device that is usually attached to a hose. You can use it to unblock drains and prevent grease buildup. We don’t recommend that you use a jet spray to unclog your drains, though. The most likely reason that your drains are blocked is that there’s too much buildup on them. Using a jet spray to clear out your pipes can damage them and should be handled only by a trained professional. If you do need to use a jet spray, you should try using less force. Hold the jet spray with one hand, and then press down on the clog with your other hand.
If you have a clogged drain, you should call a drain repair expert right away. Clogged drains can eventually cause your whole plumbing system to fail. If you don’t act fast, the clog will get worse and will likely cause a full plumbing system backup. We can help you clean out the debris that’s blocking your drains, remove the blockage, and put drains back into good working order. We’ll even inspect your plumbing system to make sure that everything is safe and operating at top performance.
One of the most common reasons for a drain to get clogged is grease buildup. If you frequently use a pan with oil or grease in it, it will build upon your drains and cause them to get blocked. You can prevent this from happening by cleaning your drains once every week. You should also try to use pans that are made of glass or stainless steel. These types of pans won’t build up grease as easily. Another cause of a blocked drain is standing water. If you don’t clear out your drains every week, they’ll end up clogged with dirt and sediment. This will prevent any water from draining properly.
The best way to figure out why your drains are clogged is to take out the drain and look at it closely. You should start by removing the drain from the source of the water. Once you have done that, you should take it apart to see what’s causing the blockage. You can often get a good idea of why your drains are blocked by looking at them closely. If you notice a lot of debris in the drain, you should clean it out right away. If you don’t clean out your drain, it will get worse. This will make it more likely that you’ll have a clogged drain again. You should also look at the drainpipe itself. If it looks damaged, you should take it out and have a professional inspect the rest of your plumbing.
If you notice that your drain is just slow or stops completely, you can try clearing it with a drain cleaner. This should work if you’re just dealing with a buildup of grease or soap and if the blockage is only at the end of your drain. If it’s at the beginning of your pipe, or if it’s a bigger issue, you’ll want to call a drain repair expert. It’s best to try and clear it before it gets worse. You can try using a plunger to try and dislodge the blockage, but it might not work. You might also try using a coat hanger to try and clear the blockage. Call a drain repair expert and have them come out to clear your blocked drain.
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