Gas Installation & Services Brisbane

Gas repair services, gas heater removal, gas installations and fittings are all dangerous jobs when done by a homeowner or a non-licensed plumber; all gas heater-related services should always be carried out by professional licensed gas fitters. If you smell gas and you’re not sure where it’s coming from, you should call a licensed professional right away like those at Caroline Springs NLK Plumbing, as gas is not something that should be ignored. The same thing goes for any faulty gas appliances, if they are not running correctly then there is a chance that dangerous, undetectable fumes could be escaping.

If you wish to get a new gas appliance or gas unit, NLK Plumbing Brisbane can help you also. We are fully qualified to provide you with the best Gas Central Heating or Gas Hot Water unit to suit your Caroline Springs home. As the unit is dealing with gas, you should always get a licensed plumber to carry out the job and ensure that it is done safely and professionally. We provide full repairs, maintenance and replacement of all gas-related units. If you’re unsure what type or brand of gas unit you need, then give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to recommend a unit that will suit your situation and budget perfectly. Our specialists are extremely fast and efficient, and are often able to attend your Caroline Springs or surrounding suburbs property the same day that you contact us.

Specifically Gas Hot Water Systems

The fully trained plumber at NLK Plumbing in Caroline Springs supply & install a wide array of Gas Hot Water systems. This includes both gas hot water storage systems, and gas hot water instantaneous systems. If your Gas Hot Water system is leaking water or gas, or simply not functioning the way it should be, then you may simply need one of our technicians to repair the gas system. We don’t always jump to the assumption that your Gas Hot Water system needs replacing. a maintenance repair service f your gas system could have it working like new again.

Specifically Gas Central Heating Systems

The experts here at NLK Plumbing based in Caroline Springs offer a full range of Gas Central Heating system repair and maintenance services to ensure your heating system is operating correctly. We can have your Central Heating System up and running in no time at all just like new. To ensure your Gas Central Heating system operates at peak efficiency however we recommend regular cleaning and sanitising of the ducts.

All NLK Plumbers are highly trained in gas central heating & gas hot water installations, fittings and services, with years of experience under their belts. We guarantee your job will be completed safely, on time and to the highest of standards. We have worked with all of the major brands of gas heaters and appliances over the years, so we are able to recommend you the perfect unit for your home, every time. If you require more information then don’t hesitate to call us right away on 0404 803 333.

Below are the Gas Heater-related services that NLK specialise in:
  • Gas heater repairs and installations
  • Gas installations – new piping
  • Gas fitting – installation of gas appliances
  • Connection inspection and service of all gas services
  • Bayonet installations
  • Stove installations
  • Gas hot water systems
  • Gas leaks
  • Line renewals – removal of old galvanized pipes and installation with new copper piping