Taking Care of Blocked Drains Brisbane

Blocked drains can be frustrating and cause a lot of damage to your home. Whether it has been caused by heavy rainfall, your shower, washing machine, or another plumbing issue, a blocked drain will cause water to become stagnant and smelly. Some blockages will even cause water to overflow into your home, damaging floors, carpets, furniture and personal belongings. With over 30 years experience, our expert team at NLK Plumbing can take care of your blocked drains so the situation doesn’t become worse. We are the experts when it comes to clearing blocked drains.

How can I Tell if I Have Blocked Drains?

Our plumbers are often asked how they can tell if they have blocked drains at their Brisbane property. There are plenty of signs that will tell you if your drains are in trouble, including overpowering odours, evidence of overflowing, water emptying slowly from drains and toilets and unusual sounds coming from the plumbing. However, it is not always obvious that your drains are blocked, as the problem is often further down the pipes. Garbage, leaves, sanitary products and other items might have made their way down your sewerage and become lodged. More often than not, pipes will become blocked due to age, wear and tear, and tree roots that have grown into the water supply.

Tree Roots and Blocked Drains

Nature can be a direct and common cause of damaged or blocked drains. The blocked drains Brisbane homes and businesses experience are often due to large tree roots causing damage to pipes below the ground. A simple crack or leak in a pipe allows a tree root to come into contact with water, enabling it to grow. This tree root then becomes strong enough to crush, break and greatly damage your drainage system. Here at NLK Plumbing Brisbane, we can detect this type of issue and clean, replace or repair your drains to return them to working order.

Leave it to the Experts

Many homeowners believe that the average handyman has enough skill and knowledge to handle a blocked drain. But this is untrue. Blocked drains require an experienced plumbing professional in order to properly fix the problem — not make it worse. Attempting to tackle the problem yourself puts you at risk of causing further damage to your pipes without using a professional. This can also cause higher repair costs and further issues down the track. It can also be dangerous to your safety and cause an unwanted mess. Don’t take the risk — call the professional Plumber Brisbane at NLK Plumbing.

We Have the Solution to Blocked Drains Brisbane

At NLK Plumbing, we can ascertain what has caused your blocked drains, and then we can take the right steps to clear the blockage without damaging your pipework. For peace of mind and a prompt response, call the team here at NLK Plumbing today.