Backflow Plumbing Services Brisbane

Backflow is the reversal of the normal direction of water flow in your pipes and plumbing system and is a problem we see a lot in Brisbane’s Western suburbs such as Caroline Springs. It can be potentially hazardous if your water supply is accidentally interconnected with a source of pollution. Those pollutants could then enter your water supply without you ever knowing.

Backflow can only occur when the water delivery main is at a lower pressure than your plumbing system. Burst or ruptured water mains can often be a cause of this. Backflow can also occur if a pump is connected to your water plumbing system.

NLK Plumbing in Caroline Springs are extremely experienced with the installation of Backflow prevention devices. All of our plumbers are licensed to install Backflow prevention devices and will issue you with a Certificate of Compliance after the job is complete. Each Backflow prevention device must be tested on an annual basis, ensuring that the device is maintained and continues to operate effectively. The annual test will ensure the drinking water supply is protected from Backflow contamination.

If a device is defective or faulty, it may:

  • not prevent a contaminated source entering the drinking the water supply
  • cause water to be wasted through leaking devices
  • impact on the water pressure supplying your property

Note: Thermostatic mixing valves need to be tested by an accredited mixing valve specialist annually.